Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for white labeling and co-packing?

Yes and no. We want every size business to have the opportunity to enter the market without being

bogged down with a requirement of ordering large quantities in order to get the best pricing. We offer

the best pricing right off the bat. Should your business take off and you start re-ordering larger and

larger quantities, we will adjust to a lower volume discount. We will work with you to determine the

best quantity to start with.

Do you offer label design?

Yes! We offer label design, label updates and printing. Because we order in bulk we are able to get

lower prices on labels than you can likely get on your own. Feel free to call and talk with one of our

graphic designers. Do you have your own label but just need it printed? We can do that. Do you have

your own labels already printed? Great. Please call our graphics team to be sure it will fit our machines

for labeling bottles and jars.